Top Verizon Smartphone’s for Internet Surfing

Five years ago, many of us would not have pictured ourselves surfing the full internet on our phones with blazing fast speeds. Enhanced touch screens and new, faster technology has increased web browsing on our phones to the point that the process is very enjoyable. The Verizon network has many great smartphone’s for internet surfing. We judged our picks by screen resolution, ease of use and overall value for the contract price.
iPhone 4 by Apple

Although many customers that follow Apple products to the point it could be considered cult like, Apple has revolutionized the smartphone. The iPhone 4 features a high-resolution Retina display with 960-by-640 pixel resolution. The result? A beautiful screen that is easy on the eye and great for viewing a variety of web content and media. The iPhone made waves in the tech industry because of its incredible user-friendly interface, which is only enhanced on the iPhone 4. Pricing begins at around $200 for the 16GB memory model and $300 for the larger 32GB model.

ThunderBolt by HTC

The ThunderBolt made our list because of its large 4.3″ screen, excellent touch screen, Flash ability and cool looking design. Flash technology is standard on loads of web video and games, a feature that the iPhone 4 does not have. The screen is vibrant and large, which makes it great for watching web-based video and viewing web content. Although it is equipped with 4G data speeds, 4G is not available in every area due to network coverage. The built in kickstand is a cool feature for watching video, but not entirely necessary. Priced at $250, the ThunderBolt provides the latest technology and is a great deal for anyone that wants incredible web support on a phone.

Droid X by Motorola

The Droid X was among the best Android powered phones upon its release. The Droid comes equipped with a great 8MP digital camera, 4.3″ widescreen, Adobe flash player, HD video recorder and of course, a great web browser. We liked the ability to use flash content on this phone because it allows for a full internet experience, especially flash enabled media. The downside? The Droid X has been out since June, 2010, which makes it relatively dated as far as technology goes. However, priced at $150, this phone is an excellent bargain considering its abilities, specs and usability.

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