Important Tricks of Hay Day that you should keep in mind

Hay Day is an amazing farming game that is available for free in the app stores of iOS and Android devices. The game may cause the players a fortune due to the in-app purchases if they are not careful. Hay day was created by one of the most popular game creators, Supercell. Hay Day puts the players in charge of a Farm that has seen better days. The player has to harvest crops, clear the land, raise the livestock, and create goods that can be sold to the local businesses. When the player’s level up, they can make new goods, grow new crops, and raise new livestock. The players can purchase assorted goodies to experience a better game.

Tips to keep in mind

There are times when the player may have to go for the in-app purchases for buying the most important currency of the game, which is the Diamond. Given below is a list of the Hay Day hack apk which will keep the player away from all these jams.

Every crop that is planted by the player will start doubling the yield when they are harvested. This means when one unit of corn is planted; it yields two corn units in the silo. The player might be tempted to use all the seeds for filling up a lucrative order. But this should not be done. The seeds should be planted, and the players should keep enough in store for creating the products later. If the seeds are used up for filling orders, the player will have to use the diamonds for buying more seeds. When the farm starts to grow, it is the duty of the player to provide his livestock with enough food. They should be a good stock of soybeans, wheat, and corn.

There are certain crops that take a very less time to grow. These crops include corn, wheat, and carrots. Crops like indigo or pumpkins take hours to grow. The player should plant these crops before he goes to sleep or when he is going to be busy with school or work for a long time. He will find that the crops are ready when he wakes up or gets back from work. These crops can now be harvested and used by the players according to the needs. This rule applies to both the livestock and the products.

There may be visitors who want to buy the goods that players are manufacturing, but they will not want to pay premium money for them. The players should not be afraid to refuse to sell the goods. The visitors do not get offended if they are refused, and they come back again as soon as they want to.

Instead of selling the goods that are being manufactured by the player to the visitors, they should be sold to the followers and the friends who are playing Hay Day. The players can also check the newspapers to see what products are being sold by his friends or followers.

When the players get hold of the tips and tricks of Hay Day, they will start enjoying the game even more. Hay day is very attractive and understanding the tricks will make the game easier.

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