15 Best Flash Video Games of All Time

I have always loved flash games. If you’re ever suffering from boredom, they provide simple entertainment that don’t require the time and thought of more complex game. And best of all, flash games are usually free. Since I have endured a lifetime of boredom, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. So here it is, I give you my top 15 flash games of all time. Just a little side note: I tried to include games that did something original with the medium. A lot of flash games seem to just rip off of other flash games because the program is very limited in what it can create. That’s why it’s so great when someone comes up with something new.
Top 15

15. Kitten Cannon – The objective of this game is simple, launch a kitten as far as you can. There is very little strategy to this game (if there is any) but once you start playing it you can’t stop.

14. Line Rider – I was never a big fan of this game but it undoubtedly did something new. There’s really no point to this game, just create a track for your player to ride on and let him go. The game spawned a lot of different versions where players could ride in different vehicles and create different types of tracks but I prefer the original.

13. The Helicopter Game – A simple, yet addictive game where players fly through a cave avoiding blocks. Click with your mouse to go up and let go to go down.

12. Curve Ball – Kind of like 3D pong. Another game that’s simple but addictive.

11. Winter Bells – Orisinal has created some great games. They have also created a lot of shitty games. This happens to be one of the better ones and my favorite. Guide the rabbit from bell to bell as you try to reach the top. And make sure to turn off the annoying music. It will drive you crazy.

10. The Last Stand – One of the best zombie defense games in my opinion. What separates this game from the rest is you have to manage time looking for survivors, weapons, and repairing your barricades. I would also recommend The Last Stand 2 which has different locations you can search through and an ultimate final location you have to arrive at.

9. Cursor*10 – One of the most innovative ideas I’ve seen from a flash game. You work with yourself to go through a series of floors to eventually lead to the top of the tower. A really great game.

8. Mmeoww! – A very underrated and highly addictive game in my opinion with a very simple objective: lower falling kittens to safety with your paddle. When your score goes up, more kittens go down.

7. Damn Birds – A really great defense game with a great concept: Shoot the birds before they take a dump on you. This game is incredibly fun and has some awesome art and animation that goes a long way.

6. Motherload – XGen Studios is known for making innovative games and while Motherload isn’t their most original creation, it is my favorite and I think it is their most underrated game. Mine for resources and sell them at the store to buy upgrades to go farther down into the soil.

5. IndestructoTank – A game that reverses the objective in most games. Instead of hitting the enemy, let the enemy hit you. Once you are launched in the air crash into the enemy planes to get combos and advance to the next level.

4. Bloons – Pop all the balloons to advance to the next level. Sound boring? Just try to stop playing.

3. Madness Interactive – One of the best physics engines I have ever seen in a flash game. With an array of weapons, you’ll be playing this one for a while. I would also recommend getting the downloadable version of this game on your computer, as it can get annoying when you lose control when your cursor goes off screen. You can download it here.

2. Portal: The Flash Version – A 2D version of the game developed by Valve. While much less complex than the 3D version, this one will still have you thinking.

1. N – Simple title, incredible game. The whole game revolves around wall jumping to get to the exit and advance to the next level. But a short description like this does not give it justice. Just play the game and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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